Welcome to CopyMonk – The place where freelance direct response copywriters can find in-depth case studies, proven advice, useful tools, unique insights, and fun comics to master their craft and make a full-time living writing direct response copy for clients.

My name is Danavir Sarria and I’m the founder of CopyMonk.

For the past 7 years as an entrepreneur and freelance copywriter, I’ve spent most of my time online working in some of the most competitive and cutthroat markets in the world including fitness, dating, self-defense, and business.

Working with small businesses making only 3 figures a month, all the way to partnering with 7-figure business owners on massive projects, I’ve seen and done a lot of things such as:

  • Skyrocketing the gross revenue of an information publishing business by 625% with just a single 30 day autoresponder series
  • Helping a struggling ecommerce store produce 4 figure product launches on the regular with just a few emails
  • Partnering with a fitness model with over 1,000,000 Facebook fans to launch his unique workout programs and generate over $3 per email subscriber
  • Working side-by-side with one of the most well known men’s dating advice brands online to produce high-converting sales letters, video sales letters, and emails on a monthly basis
  • Gaining the attention of one of the most well-respected businesses in the direct response marketing space known only to hire the highest paid copywriters in the world

Heck, here’s what serial entrepreneur, Ron Reich, said about me…

“Danavir is my go-to-guy whenever I need A-level copy written. His copy is designed to do one thing and one thing only…convert! He’s written email sequences, VSLs, and long form sales letters for me and he delivers every single time.

Unlike a lot of other copywriters I’ve worked with, Danavir really understands customer psychology at a deep level and that’s what makes his stuff pull so well. Because of this, he’s done projects for me in two totally different markets. I don’t know where I’d be without him.  He’s been a savior for my business!”

The CopyMonk System Of Copywriting

Copywriting is a skill, and just like any skill, it takes a lot of time and effort to become an expert at it.

That is, if you’re going at it the traditional route.

Most people who go out to learn copywriting take years to study all of the copywriting classics, write thousands of pieces of copy, and spend all that time getting over all the pain, embarrassment, and frustration of seeing their copy perform horribly before ever seeing a positive ROI from it.

The TRUTH is though, you don’t have to go through all of that.

That’s because there are tested and proven copywriting systems that will help you beeline your way straight to the stuff that works and ignore everything else that doesn’t.

That’s what I offer at CopyMonk.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Nothing worthwhile is easy. It still takes time and effort to get good at writing copy, but there is a better way. The CopyMonk way.

I will reveal to you all of my closely-guarded, tested, step-by-step systems that will help you skip years worth of time, effort, and frustration so you can learn copy FAST and well enough to double your sales even if you’re not a writer.

CopyMonk Comics: The Easy & Fun Way To Learn Copywriting

The copywriting industry is filled with great copywriters who’ve made their clients millions in revenue, but at the same time it’s also one of the most boring, old-fashioned, and confusing industries to be a part of.

This is especially true if all you care about is learning copy as fast as possible so you can start making more more sales.

Most copywriting sites still act like if they were in the late 90’s/early 2,000’s with their basic text-based blogs and refusal to touch any type of social media.

That’s why when I created CopyMonk, I wanted to change all of that.

So on December 27th, 2015 I published the first ever CopyMonk comic titled “How To Write Your First Native Advertisement” and withing 24 hours of that comic being published, it went viral and got the attention of some of the biggest names in digital marketing.

That 1 comic shook the entire copywriting education industry in one fell swoop.

Today, CopyMonk continues to shake the copywriting industry with every comic that gets published since they make learning copywriting so easy, simple, and fun.

In fact, ask anyone what’s the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the name CopyMonk, they think of the comics.

The main character is named Lee and he’s a monk from China who practices martial arts and copywriting. In every comic, Lee travels and fights his away around the world looking for answers to his copywriting problems that are leading to his low sales numbers.

Once he discovers how to fix them, he goes back to apply his learnings and his sales skyrocket.

Filled with amazing stories, exciting martial arts fights, and memorable characters…along with real, proven, and actionable copywriting advice, there is no better way to learn copywriting. Period.

Here is what people are saying about CopyMonk comics:

LOVE IT!” – Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute

I like this a lot. On multiple levels. Nice work.” – Colin Theriot, Cult of Copy

This is one of the most unique pieces of content marketing I’ve seen. Can’t wait for more!” – Benji Hyam, Grow & Convert

Such a fun way of doing content, don’t know anyone else who’s using comics like these to get their message across but it is WAY more interesting to read than the typical list post.” – Nat Eliason, NatEliason.com

“Cool comics! :)” – Wilson Hung, SumoMe

I really love how you can take a marketing concept and make sense of it with a witty comic.  These things never get old!” – William Harris

Ooo, love the Copymonk comics! 🙂” – Jason Quey

…this…IS BRILLIANT. Damn. Top notch work right there grand sifu senior master Danavir!” – Jay Makioni

“Wow.. Great read. Copy monks always amaze with their content story..” – Emmaline Rodell

“Love what you guys did with the extra graphics. +1 delightful experience.” – Tom Whatley