101 Ways To Make Money As A Freelance Copywriter

Written by Jake Trainor

If you are reading this article, I’m going to assume you are a freelance copywriter.

If you are, that’s awesome because, whether you realize it or not, there is an unimaginable amount of lucrative opportunities available to you.

Businesses of every size and kind need websites, content marketing, advertisement, and every other piece of marketing you can imagine. All these businesses will pay a copywriter well to help them with these pieces.

Are you a veteran copywriter that wants more money?

Try diversifying the types of copywriting services you offer.

See, making more money doesn’t always mean you have to go out to find new clients. You can easily earn much more from your existing client base by offering to work on different types of tasks.

Many copywriters fall into the trap of only working on one or two different assignments. It’s the only thing they advertise, so it ends up being the only thing client’s end up asking them to work on.

If you’re doing this, you’re leaving a ton of money on the table.

No matter where you are in your copywriting career, this is meant to open your eyes on all the different types of assignments that copywriters get paid to work on.

In this article I am going to go over 101 different copywriting assignments you could make money working on.

Squeeze Pages (Text-Only)

They say that the money is in the email list. That may be true, but first you need to actually get their email address.

That’s where squeeze pages come in. These are landing pages that have a single focus: getting visitors to give you their email addresses.

There are many copywriters that offer to write emails, but few of them offer to create the initial squeeze page.

You can set yourself up to make good money if you have the reputation of being able to turn cold traffic into a huge email list.

Check out Brian Dean’s case study on Backlinko about how he created a modern day squeeze page that converts 21.7% of visitors into email subscribers.

Video Squeeze Pages

Do you have a client that wants to boost the conversion rate of their squeeze pages? Tell them to test out a video squeeze page.

A video can make the information of a squeeze page easy to understand and digest. This can lead to more viewers wanting to sign up for the lead magnet being offered.

A great video squeeze page needs to have an attention grabbing headline as well as an excellent video script.

There is huge potential to make money creating video squeeze pages because any business trying to build up their email list needs them.

Consultation/Quote Squeeze Pages

Building an email list is important, but leads are far more valuable.

Leads are not just visitors that give away their email addresses in exchange for your freebie. Leads are people and businesses that put their hand up and say, “Yes, I’m interested in what you offer.”

Consultation/Quote squeeze pages differ from regular squeeze page because the visitors know that they are signing up for some kind of sales talk. This can be a free audit, 1 on 1 meeting, or even a product demonstration.

They are also different because they ask for information like full name, phone number and address.

The reason these can be lucrative for copywriting is because businesses will pay big money for good leads. For example, construction leads can be sold for $50 up to hundreds of dollars for a single lead.

You can offer a flat rate for writing and creating the squeeze page. You can also work out a deal where you get paid a commission for every new lead your copy helps to bring in.


Microsites are website pages with their own domain that are separate from your main website. They have a singular focus and can be used to sell products, sell software, kick off a promotion, etc.

For example, Domino’s Pizza has a microsite just to show off their Chevy Spark pizza delivery vehicles. The micro site, www.dominosdxp.com, is an interactive site that demonstrates how serious Domino’s is about getting pizza to your house.

Microsites are not only used by big brands.

A particular group of potential clients that are in need microsites are businesses that advertise with Google AdWords. Google doesn’t like their traffic being sent to squeeze pages. So, Adword advertisers use microsites instead.

Viral Landing Page

Memes and YouTube videos are not the only things on the internet that can go viral. You can count landing pages in that as well.

Viral landing pages are webpages that are designed to get shared on social media and create word of mouth buzz.

My favorite example of this is Microsoft’s “I Love Bees” page that was meant to help kick off the release of Halo 2. The site appeared to be a bee keeper’s blog that looked like it had been hacked. The page received over 3 million views in three months’ time. This was done in 2004 before YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

It’s difficult for anyone to guarantee that something will go viral. If you can pull off these kinds of campaigns regularly, you can pretty much charge as much as you want.

Webinar Pages

Webinars are one of the go-to ways to generate leads and sell high priced products.

Before you can get someone to watch a webinar, you need to get them to sign up for it first. That’s where webinar landing pages come in.

Webinar landing pages need to accomplish many different things that the average landing page doesn’t necessarily have to. They need to say who the host and experts are and also prove why they are experts.

Then, the webinar page needs to sell visitors on why the webinar is for them and why they should show up at a particular time. Lastly, the page needs to create urgency on why the visitor needs to attend the webinar.

Plain and simple, there is a ton of information that needs to get across on a webinar page. That’s why every business that wants to sell using a webinar needs to have a talented copywriter to help create these pages.


A website’s homepage is the most important kind of landing page.

The homepage has many responsibilities; it creates the first impression for visitors. It needs to inform visitors, establish creditability, and then move traffic into a funnel. The homepage needs to do all this in a small amount of space.

It doesn’t matter if the website is for a local business or a billion dollar company. Every website could use a professionally created homepage.

With over 1 billion websites on the internet, there is an endless amount of work available if you decided to only focus on writing and optimizing homepages.

Infomercial Landing Page

People like to make fun of infomercials for the over-the-top way they sell products. That doesn’t change the fact that infomercials are responsible for selling billions of dollars of products a year.

While infomercials are still the main way they get sales, infomercial product publishers like Beachbody LLC also use landing pages to sell their products on the internet.

Take a look at this landing page for their product “22 Minute Hard Corps Workout”.

Infomercial product publishers like Beachbody depend on direct response copywriters to create these types of pages.

Since a single infomercial product can make hundreds of millions of dollars in its lifetime, the copywriters that work on these products can expect to be compensated well.

Ecommerce Landing Pages

A good piece of advice from legendary copywriter Joseph Sugarman is only try to sell one product at a time. That is the idea behind an ecommerce landing page.

With these types of landing pages, you are displaying a single product.

For example, take a look at this landing page for the iPhone 7 (http://www.apple.com/iphone-7/). The page is about Apple. The star and only focus of the page is the iPhone. What’s awesome is that Apple has a landing page like this for every one of their products.

A good potential client for an ecommerce landing page is any business with many different products that they are trying to sell.

SaaS Landing Pages

SaaS (Software as a service) is a giant industry. The amazing thing is that the industry keeps growing each and every year. By 2018, SaaS is expected to reach over 50 billion dollars revenue.

There is plenty of room for freelance copywriters that want their own slice of this multi-billion dollar pie.

The one thing that every SaaS company needs is good landing page. A SaaS is different from other landing pages because the goal is to get visitors to try out a piece of software.

A great example of a SaaS landing page is sumo.com . Right at the top of the page is the headline “Free Tools to Automate Your Site Growth;” the headline is followed by some social proof and a big green “try it now” button.

Long-Form, Direct Response Sales Letter

Long form sales pages are the go-to way of selling informational products like courses, coaching, eBooks, memberships, etc.

Everyone can tell what a sales page is as soon as they land on one. Still, product creators will always need them because they flat out work.

A good sales page can convert ice cold traffic into hungry buyers.

They are responsible for multi-million dollar product launches and the copywriters that write them get rewarded well.

As a freelance copywriter, sales pages can be quite lucrative. You can offer an upfront fee to write the page’s copy, but you can also set it up so you receive a commission on every sale.

Kickstarter Pages

If there is anyone that needs a skillful copywriter, it’s businesses and entrepreneurs that have Kickstarter projects.

The challenge with creating a Kickstarter page is you’re not just selling a product. You are trying to sell people on a product that doesn’t exist yet and maybe never will. With a Kickstarter page, you need to show people that you can be trusted. You have to prove that you’re project is everything you say it is.

Kickstarter’s own stats show that only 35% of projects reach their funding goals. Thousands of projects don’t even receive a single backer.

If you can show Kickstarter project owners that good copywriting can help them beat the odds, then you can set yourself up with plenty of writing work.

Upsell Pages

When is the best time to get someone to buy your products and services? It’s right after they’ve already agreed to buy something else.

An Upsell is a product or upgrade that you offer a customer along with the initial product they are buying. It’s an easy way to make more money on the same customer.

A good Upsell page can be just as important to a business as the sales page. In fact, many online product creators and publishers will offer their affiliates 100% commission on the first product. All their money is made on the Upsell.

Upsells are not only for digital products -any kind of business can use them, from ecommerce stores to local service businesses.

So, if you are ordering products online and notice that you weren’t offered an upsell, it can be a great opportunity.

You can simply introduce yourself as a copywriter and explain the power of offering upsells.

Downsell Pages

Let’s say you are offering a product online. You did all the hard work of creating the product, writing copy and getting traffic.

What if a visitor comes to your sales page, but decides not to buy. Are you just going to let them leave and be gone forever? Of course not.

You are going to send them to a down sell page. These are pages that offer a lower price or a payment plan in a last effort to turn visitors into buyers.

Do want a quick way to find clients to write downsell pages for? Head over to Clickbank and start looking at the different products.

When you come across a popular product that doesn’t offer you a downsell when you try to leave, you know you’ve found a potential client to contact.

Autoresponder Series

With email marketing, you need to sell to the potential clients when they are most interested. This is when they first sign up for your lead magnet. That’s why any business or entrepreneur who has an email list needs to have an autoresponder series.

An autoresponder series in a well crated set of emails that are designed to take someone from an uneducated reader and lead them into becoming a buyer.

Once a business has a high converting email series, all they have to worry about is getting as many targeted subscribers on to their list as possible. The autoresponder does all the work from there.

Potential clients that would hire you to write an email series is pretty much anyone with an email list. Billions of emails are sent every year and millions of companies of every kind use email marketing, so, you’re earning potential here is limitless.


Almost every blog has a newsletter that their readers can sign up for.

They are a popular option for a lead magnet because you don’t have to actually produce anything. Basically you are just promising the readers good content in the future in exchange for an email address.

Newsletters can work well for email marketing because the subscribers are expecting to receive them. They are also great because it’s an easy way to send subscribers content, product offers, and affiliate links all in one package.

For copywriters, newsletters can mean guaranteed work. A client may send out their newsletter once a week or even every day. If the newsletter is successful, the client will need you month after month to write more editions.

If you get enough newsletter clients, all you will have to worry about is writing emails and sending out invoices.

Curated Newsletters

Every day millions upon millions of new pieces of content gets published.

All this content can be hard to keep track of. As a reader, it’s easy to miss a truly great blog post or video. Instead of trying to sort through the mess that is the internet, wouldn’t it be great if all the best content was simply emailed to you?

That’s the idea behind curated newsletters.

A great example of this is Smashing Magazine. Three times a month they email their 200,000 plus subscribers all the best new resources having to do with programing and web design.

For clients, these types of emails are awesome. They get to provide their subscribers with a ton of value, while not having to come up with any good ideas themselves.

Making curated newsletters is also easy on the writer. They now can get paid to read articles and blogs posts that they were going to read anyway. From there it’s just a matter of picking some good content and writing a quick description on why they picked that piece.

Cold Sales/Out Reach Emails

Emails are not always meant to be sent to thousands of subscribers. Sometimes, you are trying to get the attention of a single person.

Every single business can benefit from effectively using cold emails.

They can be used to sell high ticket products, start a conversation with influencers, build relationships with other bloggers and webmasters, help build backlinks, and much more.

Most people have such trouble with cold emails because they don’t know how to write a good one.

Being able to get any kind of reaction from a cold contact is an extremely powerful skill. You can also get paid a great deal for it.

Sale/Promotional Emails

The most basic way to drive up product and service revenue as well as customer interest is to have a sale.

Businesses of every kind and size can run a sale or a promotion. These are everything from “buy one, get one free” to “one month of free service for new customers” and everything in between. Also, don’t forget about once a year events like Black Friday.

An easy way for businesses to announce these kinds of promotions is with emails.

The problem is these businesses can’t just send out an email and expect a flood of customers.

No one is impressed by just a sale. These businesses need a good copywriter like you to write emails that have a great angle.

Pretty much any kind of business can be a client for this type of email writing service. Local businesses, SaaS companies, ecommerce stores, service businesses, and more.

Offer Emails

Offer emails are essential for anyone with an email list.

Providing value to email subscribers isn’t the reason anyone starts doing email marketing. Businesses use emails to make more money.

Newsletters and content emails are important, but every once in a while you just have to ask your subscribers to buy something.

Most people are terrible at asking for money or giving customers good reason they should buy. As a copywriter, offer emails are where you can offer the most value for your clients.

Cart Abandonment Emails

A massive problem for any ecommerce store is cart abandonment.

It’s estimated that 70% of online visitors leave an ecommerce site without buying after adding items to their cart. That means that 7 out of 10 people who wanted the items, at the last second decided not to buy.

It’s easy to see why this can be extremely frustrating for anyone running an ecommerce site.

Cart abandonment emails are designed to save the sale. They are meant to resell the shopper and make them reconsider not buying. This is usually done with an incentive such as free shipping, a free add-on item, or a discount.

Since this is such a big problem, there is no shortage of potential clients that need you to write these kinds of emails.

If your emails can bring back even a small amount of customers to the site, then you can charge a great rate for this service.

Webinar Attendance Emails

Just because a person signs up for a webinar doesn’t mean that they are going to attend it.

In fact, on average, only 25% of registrants will attend a webinar.

The best thing a business or entrepreneur can do to improve their webinar attendance rate is to have a series of emails that are sent out to people that have registered.

These emails accomplish two things. First, they remind the people about the webinar and what time it is at. Secondly, these emails remind people why they signed up to the webinar in the first place. The emails explain why it is important and urgent that they still attend.

These types of emails are a no-brainer as an add-on service if you already have a client you’re helping with a webinar.

Product Launch Emails

Product launches are huge for selling information products, SaaS, coaching, and much more.

Some product launches have resulted in 1 million dollars in revenue in 24 hours. Even small launches can result in thousands of dollars in a very small time frame.

Blogger Matt Woodward made $134,171 in just 6 days with his first product launch.

Much of the success of these big product launches depend on emails. The product owners spend weeks sending out strategic planned emails to drive up anticipation for an upcoming product.

Since great emails are such an essential part of a successful product launch, then the email copywriter stand to make a solid paycheck from their work.

SEO Content

With SEO, backlinks are vital.

That’s why many SEOs rely on posting tons blog post, articles, and creating web 2.0 sites for a source of initial backlinks to their websites.

Unlike other types of writing assignments, this type of content is usually only a “filler” and only meant to be read by search engine spiders.

SEO experts and agencies are always in need of writers that can pump this type of writing out. This type of work can be tedious and doesn’t always pay well. These are also not the best jobs to take if you want to stretch your creative muscle.

The huge upside is that anyone can write this kind of content. This can be a good way for new writers to break the ice and find their first paid job, which can be a massive mental hurdle.

SEO agencies and content mills are always looking for writers. There is also no pressure on you to write something that brings in sales or traffic. You just have to create content and meet deadlines.

Long Form Content Posts

When a potential client reaches out to you to write blog posts, they typically want posts that around 500 to 1500 words long.

You should sell these clients on long from content, which are 3,000 to 10,000 words.

As a writer, this benefits you because you can make more money working on fewer assignments. Many content writers charge by the word. Writing just one 3,000 word content piece is the equivalent of writing 3 to 6 normal length posts.

This also saves you time. You only have to do research and make revisions on 1 piece of content instead of 6. This means you can move on to more work, faster.

Long form content also benefits your client. Long content has been shown to get more traffic and social shares than shorter pieces of content. Neil Patel wrote a data driven post that proved that long form content gets more traffic, shares, and even backlinks.

Resource Posts

A resource post is long form content that features many different ways to solve a certain problem. This post you are reading right now is a resource post.

Readers can’t help but click on these types of posts. Everyone wants to learn new ways to make their lives easier and resource posts give you a ton of new ideas in one place.

You should love to write them as much as people love to read them.

The average blog post that a freelancer gets asked to write is about 1,000 words. A resource post like this one here can be well over 10,000 words.

So, you would have to write at least 10 different blog posts to cover writing just one resource post. That could mean 10 different clients, paying 10 different rates, with 10 different requirements and 10 different deadlines.

You can save yourself on the headaches by finding clients that need resource blog posts.

Case Studies Blog Posts

An instant way to add authority and credibility is by posting case studies.

Case studies show that the blogger walks the walk. What blog post would you rather read: one with nothing by theory or a post that has hard proof backing the advice given? You would pick the second one every time.

These posts often need creative and interesting writers. By just posting numbers and graphs, it can be easy to bore the hell out of the readers. Writers need to show all numbers in an entertaining way.

If you are able to do this, there are many bloggers that will gladly pay you for your work.

For example, freelance copywriter Casey Hibbard makes up to $1,500 a day writing case studies!

Tutorials Blog Posts

The majority of blog readers are not hardened veterans, but people that are clueless need some direction. These readers know what their problems are; they just need someone to give them the answers.

That’s why every blog, no matter the niche, should be publishing tutorial posts.

If you have a ton of experience on a particular subject, you can be paid well as a writer. The more difficult the subject the more you can charge for your work.

For example, everyone has home repair issues or problems with their cars. Most writers don’t have the tactical experience on these topics to write about them.

Link Roundups Blog Posts

Do you want to help your clients get more backlinks while at the same time building relationships with other bloggers? Try pitching that you create link roundups for them.

Link roundups are blog posts that are made of links to other sites and blogs. These usually appear on blogs such as “Best Posts (The Week/Month)” or “The Best Blog Posts to Read If You Want to Accomplish Your Goals.”

The purpose of these types of posts is that by linking and sending traffic to another site, hopefully other sites will link back to you to in return. This is also an excellent way to start networking and get attention.

For you as a writer, these are some of the easiest posts you will ever be asked to create. Your job is to simply find great content and write a reason for why the reader should click on the links.

Latest Industry News Blog Posts

Sometimes blog owners don’t want you to write evergreen content. There are many blogs that focus on what’s hot and new.

In this case, blog owners need someone that can not only write, but who is also in tune with what’s going on in a particular industry.

These types of blog posts can be easier to write than a typical blog post because they are less about options and instructions. They are more about reporting about what’s going on.

If you are passionate about an industry or niche, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be on the lookout for these kinds of writing opportunities.

List Blog Posts

If you want to get hired to write content, you better learn how to write a good list post. They are, absolutely, the most popular format for content and blog posts.

List posts work extremely well for many reasons. For one, our brains are attracted to numbers. To readers, headlines with numbers are like red flags to bulls.

Two, list posts are scan-able. There are few readers that will read every word of a blog post. Most readers are just looking for good nuggets of information that are new to them. With list post, readers can quickly skip to the parts that they will find most interesting.

So, who will hire you to write list posts? How about – anyone with a blog!

The list format is used by blogs large and small. They are also used in every blogging niche and by huge websites like Buzzfeed, Cracked, Viral Nova, and many, many more.

Expert Roundups

How do you create a great piece of content when your own knowledge is limited? Simple – you ask a bunch of experts for their advice.

Expert roundups are pieces of content that are created from quotes taken from industry experts and thought leaders.

For writers, these pieces are easy to create because you are not doing much writing at all. You just have to get in contact with knowledgeable people and get their opinion. From there, you just have to organize the different bits of advice into a readable format.

These types of posts are great for your client because they tend to receive a ton of attention and social shares. You are also creating relationships between your client and the experts.

Review Blog Posts

People don’t just love reviews, they need them. In order to make up their own minds before making a purchase, they have to know what other people’s opinions are first.

According to Vendasta, 88% of online shoppers use online reviews when considering a purchase.

Review posts are a great way to take advantage of a trend or get traffic during a product launch. There are many blogs, YouTube channels, and podcasts that post nothing but product reviews and unboxings.

Most blog owners don’t have the time to write a review about all the latest products in their niche. So, a review is a great type of blog post to pitch to potential and current clients.

If you are already going to buy a product or service, there is no reason why you can’t get paid to write about your experiences with it.

Paid Guest Posts

Most content and copywriting writing work is ghost writing. You get paid for your writing, but the client publishes it as their own.

There’s potential to make a ton of money, but you’re putting all your effort into building someone else’s brand.

If you want to put your knowledge on display, put your name out there, get paid to write and then try pitching more guest posts.

Take Jawad Khan as an example. He makes $7,000 a month on average as a freelancer blogger. He makes $350 per article, with most of them being paid guest posts.

Video Course/Product Script

Every business that publishes informational products needs a video script writer.

Nowadays, people that buy informational products expect courses to be in the video. If you sell an online course, you are actually devaluing it by only having it in an ebook format.

Besides just informational products, there is a big market for video courses. As traditional college becomes more expensive, many people are turning to online alternatives.

There are many of these online learning platforms where people can publish their course for anyone to take. Examples of these sites are Udemy, Skillshare, and 360Training.

These websites have courses on everything from programing, gardening, woodworking, and much more. No matter what your knowledge base is, you can find a course creator that needs your writing skills.

Video Sales Letters

Video Sales Letters can be an excellent alternative to a standard text-only sales letters. In many cases, VSL preform even better than their counter parts.

They can work so well because people can be lazy. Not everyone is going to read every word of a long form sale. With video you are giving potential customers one less thing they have to do. Instead of reading and thinking, all they have to do is watch.

Also, with VSLs you have the added benefit of a narrator, images, music, and other elements that can help strengthen your sales message. All these things you can’t do with a text sales letter.

Like traditional long form sales letters, what you can charge for a VSL varies depending on the client and the skills of the copywriter. Top VSL writers can make 5 figures or more for the copy, plus a cut of the sales.

A quick way to find potential customers that need video sales letters is to find products that just have a sales letter. You can then pitch the owner on creating a script for video.

Kickstarter trailers

The best way to increase the odds of getting funded on Kickstarter is by having a trailer video.

According to Kickstarters, only 35% of projects are successfully funded. Now, compare that to about 50% of projects that include a video end up getting funded. For an entrepreneur or business trying to get funding with Kickstarter, a video can mean the difference between success and failure.

It’s not just enough though to have a trailer. The trailer needs to grab attention and explain to backers why they should back the project.

Getting paid to write a Kickstarter trailer is as simple as finding a Kickstarter project that doesn’t have a video and sending them a message. With thousands of active campaigns, you’re bound to find someone that would want to hire you.

Whiteboard Animation Scripts

Whiteboard animations have become in demand in recent years.

Businesses love them because they are an inexpensive way for anyone to have entertaining visuals in their videos. They are mainly used in explainer videos and video sales letters.

Just like any other type of video, whiteboard animations need a good script in order for them to be effective. Without one, they just come across as a gimmick.

The animators that create these types of videos are not always the best writers. Many of the animators will ask for their clients to provide the script or charge a high rate so they can outsource the script writing.

Since these types of videos are so popular, there are plenty of animators that you can team up with.

YouTube Ad Scripts

YouTube is the largest video site. It’s not even a close race. So, if a business wants to start advertising with video, YouTube is the first place they would go.

YouTube ads have many advantages over TV commercials.

With TV you have to pay for an ad space whether anyone watches your ad or not. With YouTube ads, you pay only when someone actually watches your ad. Also, YouTube ads allow for better targeting and, in many cases, better reach.

Like anything other type of advertising, YouTube ads are most effective when they are written by a skillful copywriter.

Since YouTube is the behemoth that it is and their video adverting is only going to keep growing, there is plenty of businesses large and small that will needs a video ad writer.

YouTube Video Notes/Script

YouTube is a traffic monster. There are almost 5 billion video views every day. Not only that, but YouTube is actually the second biggest search engine after Google.

YouTube should be a main part of any business content marketing strategy.

Lucky for writers like us, most businesses have no idea what kind of videos they should be making or how often they should be making them. If they do make and publish videos, they are usually boring.

Writing interesting and entertaining videos can help these businesses unlock YouTube’s traffic potential.

Writing a good YouTube video isn’t as difficult as you might think. Like blog readers, most YouTubers are looking for tutorial information to help them get started in whatever they are doing.

Facebook Video Notes/Script

When you think of video marketing, you probably only think of YouTube. Facebook can be just as powerful when it comes to video marketing.

Facebook gets over 8 billion video views a day. Not to mention videos get more organic reach.

In recent years, Facebook has been making a huge push towards video format posts. Mark Zuckerberg has said that he expects Facebook to be mostly video in the next 5 years.

If this is ends up being true, in the coming years, many brands and business will need help creating entertaining videos that tell their story.

Facebook LIVE script

Facebook Live is a cool feature that allows Facebook users to instantly stream live video to their news feed.

This features gives brands and businesses yet another way to connect with their customers and fans.

For example, Dunkin Donuts used Facebook Live to stream a walkthrough of their test kitchen.

While that’s awesome, not every business can just start recording and expect people to be interest in what going on. That’s why having pre written ideas and a script to follow before going live is a great idea.

If you see a business using Facebook Live, but they don’t have much of a direction, they could be a good candidate for this kind of service.

Trailer Scripts

Trailers are preview videos that give audiences a sneak peak of a product before it is released. They are commonly used for movies.

You’re most likely not going to be writing the script for a Hollywood movie trailer any time soon. That doesn’t mean there isn’t any money to be made writing and creating trailers for other products.

Trailers can be used as a promotional tool for independent movies, music, SaaS products, TV shows, sports matches, video games, and more.

You might have considered it, but one type of product that needs a trailer are books. You’re biggest potential client for trailers are most likely going to be self-published authors.

Local Business Commercial Script

There are many more cost effective ways to advertise, but many local businesses still want to have a commercial. There’s just something magical about having your business show up on TV.

Even with the internet, TV commercials still have some value to local businesses. First, having a TV commercial can make a business look like an authority. Only successful businesses have TV commercials, right? TV also has a larger reach than newspapers and radio ads.

If a local business is going to shell out the money for a commercial, then they better have a good copywriter working on the script.

Potential clients that are always buying commercial spots are car dealerships, real estate agents, and local politicians.


Unless you work at or have connections with an ad agency or video production company, you’re not going to be working on big brand commercials.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get hired to work on a direct response commercial or late night commercial.

The copywriters that write those kinds of scripts can be paid quite well.

That a look at infomercial writer Colleen Szot for example. She is one of the top infomercial writers in the world. She has work on promotions for Dragon Naturally Speaking, Sleep Number Mattress, and George Foreman Grill. She charges 5 figures to work on a single infomercial.

Webinar Script/Notes

Webinars are a very popular way to sell products online. You see them used all the time in the work from home and make money online niches.

Scott Britton used a webinar to sell his Udemy course, “Fast Track”. With a single webinar, he was able to generate $11,286 in revenue.

They work so well because they are basically video sales letters disguised as interactive content. The following of a webinar is very similar to a VSL. The difference is that webinars usually have a host and an expert. Unlike a VSL, in a webinar, the audience can ask the expert questions.

Since it is not uncommon to sell thousands of dollars of products with a webinar, a copywriter can charge a high rate for writing the script.

Google PPC

There are millions of advertisers that actively use Google Adwords. If you are good at creating PPC ads, that’s millions of potential clients.

PPC ads like Adwords are huge for generating leads.

If a business is going to run Adwords ads, they need a large budget. More expensive keywords on Google Adwords can cost anywhere from 2 dollars to 50 dollars per click.

If the business has the budget to consistently run this type of ad, they should be able to hire a copywriter.

Adwords ads are limited to a 25 character headline and 70 character description. Since the ads are so expensive and yet so limited, you need to be able to pack a ton of information into a small amount of space.

Bing Ads

Everyone knows that Google is the king of search engine traffic. That’s doesn’t mean their competitor, Bing, isn’t worth taking a look at.

When it comes to PPC advertising, Bing has a few noteworthy advantages of AdWords.

Since there are less advertisers on Bing, Bing ads are cheaper than AdWords ads. Penny clicks with Bing PPC is still achievable. Also, Bing doesn’t have quite as many rules and restrictions as AdWords does.

If you already have Google AdWords clients, Bing ads can be an easy extra service you can offer.

Banner Ads

Banner ads were one of the first types of online advertising and they are still being used today. In fact, trillions of banner ads are served every year. The average online viewer sees thousands of banner ads every month.

Banner ads can be challenging to make work because of this. Since most websites sell banner ads, online viewers tune up them out.

For banner ads to work you need to be able to get the viewers attention and give them a good reason to click the ad. You have to do all this in a tiny amount of space.

The majority of websites sell banner ad space. They can cost anywhere from a hundred dollars on a tiny blog, to thousands of dollars on huge media websites.

Even though they can be difficult to advertise with effectively, due the volume of new ads every year, there will always be potential clients that need help creating them.

Display Ads

Display ads are online advertisements that are displayed on a website, but aren’t mixed in with the website content.

Display ads are used by every type of business from big brands to small ecommerce shops. One of the best uses of them are for retargeting ads.

While they don’t get talked about as much as other forms of online advertising – display ads are huge. Almost 40 billion dollars are spent every year on display ads and it’s growing.

That means there is a massive amount of potential clients out there that need help creating and managing these types of ads.

Pop Up Ads

You might think that pop up ads are internet history, but they are still being used today. Nowadays, this type of advertising is called pay-per-view or cost-pre-view.

There are still many huge networks that sell pop up advertising like PopAds, Trafficvance, and 50onRed.

Despite their reputation, pop up ads are still being used today because marketers are still making money using them.

There are affiliate marketers with massive budgets that have great success with pop up ads.

These marketers need to create dozens of new ads every day for testing and to fight off ad fatigue. Many affiliate marketers have large teams to help work on campaigns and a good copywriter is almost always a part of that team.

Ebay Store Product Listings

Even though it was started way back in 1995, eBay is still a huge online market place.

With over 25 million active sellers, there are still many people making a full-time living selling on eBay.

With eBay, anyone can sell just about anything. The mistake that many eBay sellers make is that they don’t take advantage of all the features available to them, including writing a description of the item they are selling.

If you do some browsing on eBay, you will find that even top rated sellers have poorly written or non-existent listing descriptions. As a copywriter, there is an opportunity to help these sellers out and put some money in your bank account at the same time.

Full-time eBay sellers can create thousands of new listings each month. That’s thousands of listings that need well-written descriptions.

If you can show top rated sellers and store owners the benefits of your services, it can lead to a ton of paying work fast.

Amazon Listings

Amazon is a monster sized online retailer. A recent report claims that Amazon accounts for 50% of all US online sales.

Anything you can image is being sold on Amazon right now. There are over 480 million products on sale through Amazon. Many of these products are sold by third party sellers.

Someone has to write all the descriptions for these millions of products. Often times, the sellers rely on freelance copywriters to create all these product listings and descriptions.

Take copywriter Levi Newman for example.

Levi is a copywriter that sells his services on Fiverr. In the three years he has been on Fiverr, he estimates that he has written over 2,000 Amazon listings. He writes these listings for $60 to $160 a pop.

That means he has written at least 2 listings every single day. He makes at least $120 to $320 a day just from Amazon listings. Not bad.

Craigslist Listings

Craiglist has received a bad reputation as a place for scammers, spammers and shady people. Despite that, writing Craigslist posts can be lucrative for copywriters.

Yes, there are some people on craigslist with bad intentions.

There are also many people trying to sell their $30,000 car. There are real estate agents trying to sell million dollar homes.

The point is – there are many high priced items that are put up for sale everyday on craigslist. Most of these listings are poorly written which means there are many potential clients needing your help.

Ecommerce Store Product Descriptions

If you are running an ecommerce store, it’s not enough to just list the products you have.

When selling products online, you need excellent pictures. You also need well-written product descriptions. That is – if you want to make sales.

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of descriptions. It’s not enough to just list what you are selling. In reality, product descriptions are like small sales letters.

That means every ecommerce store needs to hire a quality copywriter.

All these merchants and sellers list dozens, if not hundreds of products.

All these sellers need quality copy to stand out and to sell more products. Imagine all the work that would be available if you decided to only writing product descriptions.

Post cards

Posts cards are one of the cheapest ways for a small business to advertise in their local area. Unlike newspapers, with post cards you can be sure that people are going to see your ad.

With services like every door direct mail, post cards can make for an effective direct mail campaign for many different types of businesses.

Finding clients that need posts cards is easy. First, you can see what businesses are using newspaper ads and other types of local marketing. You can also just look at the post cards you receive yourself. You then can just contact the sender and show them how you can improve their response rate.

One type of business that will always need a copywriter to create post cards is real estate agents.


Marketing material doesn’t come much simpler than a flyer.

They work well for any type of business that sells door to door. They are also great for anyone trying to inexpensively sell to a crowd of people.

Making flyers is as easy as buying some paper and ink and printing them out at home. Even budget-less, one-man businesses can use flyers because of this. That doesn’t mean they are not powerful though.

Take a look at this example on Kopywriting Kourse Blog on how well flyers can work. A failing power washer was able to turn his business around into a $13,000 per month money maker.

There are a wide range of different businesses and solo entrepreneurs that need flyers which means there are many potential clients out there that need help with their designs.


You would think that due to the rise of ecommerce, catalogs would be long gone by now. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

Back in 2008, during the recession, many retailers cut their catalogs in order to save money on marketing. In recent years, big retailers like J. C. Penney and Pottery Barn have actually brought back their direct mail catalogs.

Believe it or not, in the internet age, the amount of businesses using catalogs is growing.

Writing for catalogs can be a big money maker for freelance copywriters. Imagine how much you can charge to write an entire book-sized marketing piece. Your clients for this would be massive retailers with million dollar marketing budgets.

AWAI did an interview with catalog copywriter Jay White. Jay said there’s no reason a copywriter can’t make six figures or more writing catalog material. In his first year as a freelancer, one catalog client paid him $20,000 dollars on a project.

Newspaper Ads

Newspaper ads can range from a small $50 dollar ad in the local town paper all the way up to a $50,000 full-page color ad in The New York Times.

In the latter example, ads tend to focus on general advertising and branding.

Where most freelance copy writers can make money is by helping out local businesses.

The businesses that place ads this way tend to be service based like plumbers, real estate agencies, and lawyers. If you can help these types of businesses find just one new client, it could mean tens of thousands of dollars in profit.

By reading through a newspaper, you can find a steady stream of potential leads to contact. Businesses that advertise in your local paper already show they have a need to advertise and a budget to do so.

All they need now is your copywriting skills!

Classified Newspaper Ads

With sites like Craigslist and Monster, you might wonder, who still buys classified ads? Better yet, who still reads them?

While it’s true that the classified section isn’t as popular as it once was, classified ads are still a cheap way to advertise in big name newspapers.

Writing a classified ad means you need to be able to put a good amount of information into a tiny space.

Today, the biggest readers of a newpaper’s classified ads are people looking for jobs. So, if you have a client that needs help hiring, you should recommend taking out a classified ad.

Magazine Ads

When you think of magazine ads, you most likely think of the over the top big brand ads you see in national magazines.

Magazine ads are not only bought by big name brands. Believe it or not, magazines ads can be effective for any kind of business.

Many big magazines have regional sections where local businesses can advertise. Besides that, there are many smaller consumer magazines that only cost a couple hundred dollars to start advertising in. The point is that there are many potential clients that need help creating magazine ads.

Like newspapers, to find potential clients you simply need to find businesses that are already using magazine ads.

Magazine Articles

Are you having trouble finding high paying blog writing gigs? Then try finding magazines to write for.

Even though magazine circulation numbers are on the decline, magazines are still willing to pay writers a high price for their work.

The outdoor recreation magazine, AMC Outdoors, pays up to $700 dollars for a 2,500 word article. High Times Magazine can pay as much as $1,000 per article. These are only a couple of examples.

A nice benefit of writing for a magazine is the image that comes along with it. What do you think is more impressive to a potential client: someone that has only wrote for blogs or someone that has multiple pieces in big name magazines? The magazine writer, of course.

Linda Formichelli over at smarterblogger.com has an excellent guide to getting magazine writing gigs. She herself gets paid as much as $2.50 per word. Her average hourly rate for magazine article writing came out to about $250 an hour!

Trade Magazine ads

Trade magazines are publications that pertain to a certain industry. The people that read them are made up mostly of business owners looking to keep on the latest news or that are looking for new opportunities.

If you pick up a trade magazine, you will find that most of them are absolutely jam packed with advertisements. This is great for a copywriter like you because all these ads need to be written by someone.

Consumer magazine ads tend to be more for branding and are used by big name companies. Trade magazines ads are more direct response oriented. They are trying to sell a product or service to another business. They are not trying to be cute or funny like the ads you see in consumer ads.

So, if you are looking for a new source of clients, try picking a few trade magazines in the niches you’re interested in.

Trade Magazine Articles

Do you have a ton of knowledge about a particular industry? Then try pitching yourself to trade magazines.

There are thousands upon thousands of B2B trade magazines in any industry imaginable. Just look at the names some of these titles: Casino & Gaming International, Adweek, IBM Data Magazine, Hairdressers Journal International, Test & Measurement World, and the list goes on.

The point is that there’s a trade magazine out there right now that’s willing to pay you no matter what experiences you have.

Trade magazines don’t pay as much as consumer magazines. They pay about .10 cents up to a dollar per word. Also saying that you’re published in a trade magazine isn’t quite as glamorous as having a big name magazine on your resume.

Still, trade magazines are a good way to get paid for your knowledge and experience.

Phone Book Ads

Yes, people really do still use the phone book.

Print business phone directories are still a 3 billion dollar per year industry. According to the Wall Street Journal, 40% of Americans still look for businesses in a phone book, regularly.

While most copywriters have moved on to working on digital advertising projects, know that there is still money to be made creating phone book ads.

Most importantly, the businesses that still advertise in phone books are service based businesses that make thousands per customer. For example, if you find a phone book, I bet you’ll find some kind of lawyer on the cover.

If your phone book ad can help a business grab just a few more clients and customers, then it is a success and you can justify your fee.


If a website is the digital representation of a business than a brochure is the print representative.

A brochure is a versatile marketing tool. They can be used in a mailing package, handed out by sales people; they can be left on store counters, and many other ways. Brochures can be used to introduce people to a business or can be used to sell a single product.

Since they can be used in so many ways, businesses large and small have brochures made.

Like other types of copywriting jobs, the price you can charge for a brochure can vary based on how much value it brings the business hiring you.

You can charge around $500 dollars to create a brochure for a small local business. On the other end of the spectrum, you can charge thousands of dollars to create a brochure that sells a high ticket B2B product.


The first form of advertising that almost every business creates is signage. These are things like store signs, posters, street signs, and vehicle decals.

You wouldn’t normally think of these kinds of things as something that needs a copywriters help, but this kind of adverting is extremely important. Many consumers make their first impression of a business based on signage.

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t give their signs a second thought after they have already been created.

If you can prove to businesses that better signage means more walk-ins and phone calls, you could have millions of potential clients wanting to work with you.

Neville Medhora has a great case study about this on his blog. By improving the signs at a shoe repair store, he was able to help increase walk-ins by 50% overnight.


You want to know one form of old school advertising that is still going strong in the digital age? Billboards.

A billboard in a populated city can be seen by millions of people a week.

There are hundreds of thousands of billboards in the USA. Not only that, but over 5,000 new billboards are erected each year.

While most billboard space is purchased by huge brands, there are still many small local businesses that may need the help of a freelance copywriter. Billboard advertising is still very popular with car dealerships, real estate agents, lawyers, and local politicians.

Rack Cards

Rack cards are 4×9 cards that are commonly used in the tourism and hospitality industries.

Rack cards are used because they are easier to read than a brochure; they also can contain much more information than a simple business card.

A common way to use rack cards is to have the front loaded with information. The back side has some kind of special offer or a coupon.

Rack cards are used by all sorts of businesses, but your biggest potential clients are tourist locations and hotels. Besides that, rack cards are heavily used by vendors at B2B events and trade shows.

Newspaper Leaflets

Newspaper advertisements can work when you buy a prime spot, like on the front page.

They start to lose their effectiveness when they are buried in the middle of the paper. This is especially true with small local papers.

A way for a business to really get their message to stand out is to advertise with newspaper leaflets. With these, a flyer is piggybacking off of the newspaper.

This can be a cost effective way to advertise for local businesses. Leaflets cost about $50 to $100 for every thousand readers.

Potential clients for newspaper leaflets are pretty much any client that would advertise using flyers or newspaper ads.

Informational Pamphlets

Pamphlets are very similar to brochures.

The key difference is that brochures are designed to sell a product or a business. An informational pamphlet is usually meant to create awareness for a charity or cause.

There are two different massive niches that need pamphlet writers the most. These are non-profit organizations and religious groups.

Just because potential clients are non-profit groups doesn’t mean there isn’t any profit for freelance copywriters. Billions of dollars a year is spent in both niches.

Sales Letter for Products/Lead Generation

You might think that, thanks to the internet, no one still sends out snail mail sales letters. That can’t be further from the truth.

American Express, Direct Tv, Dell, Wounded Warrior Project, and many more big companies still send out millions of sales letters through the mail each year. Even Google uses sales letters for lead generation.

Not only that, there are still big direct response publishers that are using sales letters to sell products.

Writing a sales letter can be just as lucrative for copywriters as writing sales pages for the internet. A copywriter can charge thousands of dollars upfront to write the initial letter, plus make a commission of the back end.

Some sales letter copywriters have deals worked out where they make a commission for every time the letter they write gets mailed. If the sales letter stays the control for years, that could mean some serious money.

Service Offer/Letter for Local Businesses

Big brands are not the only businesses that can utilize snail mail letters. In fact, your biggest potential client for letter writing will most-likely be small service businesses.

Thanks to the internet, sale letters for local services and business have become very effective for generating leads and sales.

No one expects to get anything but junk mail. So, when they see an actual letter with a real stamp, they will become so curious that they can’t resist opening it.

This type of mailer can be used to do everything from generating leads, customer retention, debt collection, announcements, and more.

Snail mail letters can be utilized by every local service business you can think of.

Sweepstakes Mail Letters

One mailing strategy that merchandise and magazine sellers use to get more customers is to have a sweepstakes.

Publishers Clearing House is the biggest example of this. They advertise a huge prize like “$7,000 a week for life” to get people to open their mailers. They then have product offers that piggyback along with the sweepstakes letter.

Sweepstakes campaigns can be tricky to pull off. First, you need to convince them that the sweepstakes is legit. Next, you have to give the receiver a good reason to look at your product offers.

Since it can be difficult, sweepstakes are dependent on good copywriters in order to be profitable.

Cold Outreach Letters For Sales People/Agencies

Not every sales person is looking to make a sale on a first contact. There are many different kinds of products that have long sales cycles.

Take a look at real estate agents for example.

You can’t just go door to door selling houses. In order to be a successful real estate agent, you need to first build up relationships with home owners so you can have inventory to sell. After that, you need to find people looking to buy.

Cold outreach letters can be an awesome way to start sales relationships like this. Letters are great because they are more personal than email.

For freelance copywriters, you can offer to write these letters to any type of sales person that sells things that have a long sales process.

Customer Reactivation/Retention Letter

It’s much more expensive to find a new customer than it is to keep an old one. What’s odd is that most businesses don’t put the same amount of effort into trying to keep the customers they get.

That’s where customer reactivation/retention letters come in. These kinds of letters explain to customers why they should keep using a certain business. They also offer a big discount or incentive for doing so.

These kinds of letters work well, but you will find many businesses that are not using them. More so, there are many businesses that don’t even know why they should.

If you are already working with a business and they don’t have a reactivation/retention strategy in place, these kinds of letters are an easy extra service you can sell them.

Facebook Ads

The amount of businesses and websites using Facebook ads is growing rapidly every year.

According to Facebook, there are over million different businesses that use their advertising platform. Many of them could use the help of a freelance copywriter like you.

When working with a client on Facebook ads, you normally wouldn’t charge per word or per ad. Instead many freelancers and agencies charge an upfront free to get the initial ads up and running. Once the ads are working and bring in leads, then they charge each client a monthly mantenance fee.

It’s not uncommon to charge $1,500 per month and up for a single client.

Reddit Ads

Reddit seems like it would be the perfect advertising platform. Reddit has hundreds of millions of users that are interested in hundreds of different topics. On top of that, Reddit is cheap to advertise on.

Despite these two points, most businesses that try advertising on Reddit wind up with little to show for it. Many advertisers find Reddit ads difficult to pull a profit with.

If you are a copywriter that can consistently make profitable Reddit ads, you will find that there is an endless amount of businesses that will want your services.

Think of it this way, SEO experts and agencies are a dime a dozen. If you wanted to run Facebook ads, there are plenty of Facebook experts ready to help.

How many Reddit experts can you find, though? How many copywriters can guarantee they can write an amazing Reddit ad for you? Not that many.

That’s why writing and creating Reddit ads can potentially be a huge money maker for you as a copywriter.

Linkedin Ads

Do you want to get paid to create and manage ads for massive B2B businesses? Trying starting a LinkedIn Ads management service.

LinkedIn Ads allow anyone to advertise to over 450 million professionals around the world in any industry.

LinkedIn Ads can be awesome because they have targeting that you can’t get on other social ads; with their ads you can target by job title.

Another great thing about LinkedIn Ads is that you know you’re going to reach people that are looking to network and want new opportunities. With other social ads, your ad might just reach people looking to waste time online.

LinkedIn ads can be expensive. There’s a $2.00 CPC minimum and you need to spend at least $10 dollars a day. This can be a deterrent for businesses with little to no budget.

When it comes to LinkedIn Ads management, you have a greater chance of working with large companies with big marketing budgets compared to other social networks.

Twitter Ads

Can you create a meaningful message in under 140 characters? There are many businesses and bloggers that might need your help.

When most marketers think of social media ads, they tend to think of Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. For some reason, Twitter ads get much less attention.

That doesn’t change the fact that with Twitter ads you can reach millions of active Twitter users.

Like Facebook, Twitter ads are awesome for promoting content and building a following.

Any clients you have that are already having success with social media ads can most-likely benefit from using Twitter ads.

Since Twitter is great for promoting content, you can also target any business with a content marketing strategy as a potential client.

Native Ads

People can skip a video ad after 5 seconds. With DVRs, TV viewers can fast-forward past any commercial with a click of a button. Internet ads are not quite as effective as they once were and the rapid rise of ad blockers isn’t helping the matter.

Due to this, native ads (advertisements that look like regular content) are becoming more and more popular.

To create a good native ad, you have to be able to hide a sales message behind an interesting piece of content.

Business insider estimates that 21 billion dollars will be spent on native ads and advertorials in 2018.

Don’t worry, direct response ads and long form sales letters aren’t going anywhere. That’s true, but if you want to make money in the future, you should be aware of what potential clients want and need.

With billions of dollars being spent, advertisers are clearly saying that are willing to pay copywriters that can craft together native ads.

Ghost Write A Biography

For whatever reason, people just really respect a published author.

Any person would want to position themselves as an expert or a thought leader.

The problem is most people don’t have the time, skill, or patience to write their book. That’s why they hire someone to ghost write it for them.

The average size book is a round 60,000 to 100,000 words. Depending on the rate you agree to on this could mean a payday anywhere from $3,000 to $50,000 or more.

For example, the Canadian Writers Union sets the minimum fee for ghost writing a book at $25,000.

You don’t have to take on too many of these kinds of projects to make a year’s income.

Step-By-Step/ “How to” Books

According to statista.com, publishers pulled in over 103 billion dollars in revenue from educational books. That is to say, there are a ton of people buying “how to” books.

Just look at the biggest publisher of “how to” books: Wiley. Their “For Dummies” series features over 2000 different titles.

Readers are looking for beginner friendly information in any niche you can think of. “For Dummies” has books on computer programming, marketing, sales, gardening, sausage making, Dungeons and Dragons, and anything else people want to learn about.

Everyone has to get started somewhere with anything. Many people still look for” how to” books to help them get started. If you’re an expert on anything, then you can make money from your knowledge.

Technical Books

Do you have expert level knowledge in computer programming, science, or engineering? Can you write about these difficult subjects in a way that makes them easy to understand and easy to follow?

If so, you can get paid for that knowledge by getting hired to write a technical book.

Technical books are not anywhere near as profitable as fiction and biographies, but there is always a need for technical book writers.

New breakthroughs in science are always being announced. Computers and programming languages are becoming more advanced every day. New books are constantly published that teaches this new information.


You may think that novels are not a likely job that a copywriter would work on. You should know, there are still many poetical clients that will pay you good money to write works of fiction.

Like comic books, there are publishers that pump out tons of new books month after month. Many of these are in the romance and murder mystery genre.

Take author Catherine Kovach for example. She makes a full-time living ghost writing romance novels. From her experience, ghost writing isn’t very difficult. There are loads of small companies that will pay for a writer to produce a novel quickly.

EBooks for Lead Magnets

EBooks are a classic online lead magnet.

In this instance, eBooks are less about building up a reputation and more about giving away perceived value in exchange for an email address.

Unlike books, eBooks are usually much smaller.

They range from 5,000 to 20,000 words. Due to this, writers will make less from writing an eBook than writing a traditional book.

The tradeoff is that eBook writing is much more in demand. They are not as effective as they once were, but are still one of the cheapest kinds of lead magnets that can be produced. EBook lead magnets are needed by bloggers, consultants, gurus, and many others.

Course/Products In eBook Format

While video is the go-to format for information products, there are still plenty of businesses with eBook products.

There are a few reasons for this. For one, eBooks are cheaper to produce and easier to distribute. An eBook can also be great for a low barrier offer.

How much you can make writing eBook products largely depends on the client. Even at a low rate, you can charge $500 and up.

Every blogger and online coach aspires to launch a product, so they would be your biggest potential clients for this.

Ghost Writing eBooks For Amazon Authors

Self-publishing a book was once difficult and very expensive. Thanks to Amazon, self-publishing is something anyone in the world can do.

Many people want to publish an eBook, but don’t want to do any of the actual writing. That’s where writers like you and I can make money.

Like a physical book, having a book featured on a massive authority website like Amazon can greatly improve your image. Most Amazon eBook are not full sized 50,000 word books. Instead they are closer to 5,000 – 20,000 words in length.

There are also many Amazon authors that are in it for the numbers game. They publish dozens of pulp style fiction books a year. They are not concerned about quality; they just want to get as many eBooks out on the market so they can make more money.

Many of these types of authors hire the book creation out to ghost writers.

White Papers

Do you want to make money from high quality B2B clients? Then you better learn to write white papers.

White papers are specialized reports that are meant to inform and generate leads.

They start by addressing a particular problem in a certain field. It then leads on to how a business’s products or services can help prevent or relieve that problem.

Since businesses rely on white papers to sell high priced products and services, they spend much more money creating them than the average writing assignment.

The average white paper can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 for a business to create with the majority of the money going towards the writer.

Pop Ups

Pop Ups have a bad history of being invasive and annoying.

While that’s what pop ups were in the past, in recent years, they have been used as a solid way to turn website traffic into email subscribers.

Websites, blogs, and ecommerce sites have been utilizing pop ups to get visitors to opt-in to their mailing list.

Also, if you want to see the popularity of pop ups, just look at how many providers there are. OptinMonster, Thrive Leads, and Ninja Popups are just a few of the pop up software options that are available to web masters.

Since so many websites, as of late, are now using opt-in pop ups, it’s easy to find potential clients that would need help. If you come across a website with a less than stellar pop ups, just send them a message telling them about how your services can help.

Exit Pop Ups

If a visitor to your website leaves without buying anything or subscribing to your email list, they might as well be gone forever. The chances that they will come back on their own are slim.

That’s why more and more websites are turning to exit pop ups. When a visitor tries to leave a website, an exit pop is triggered. These pop ups advertise an awesome lead magnet or a discount on products being sold on the site.

Unbounce has an excellent case study on using these. With exit pop ups, they were able to get 3,000+ new email subscribers.

Exit pop ups can be used by pretty much any kind of business or website. Due to this, there is a huge pool of potential clients for you to advertise this service to.

Podcast Ad Script

Podcasts have become more and more popular every year. With the popularity, more and more advertisers are looking to jump on board.

According to Bridge Ratings Media Research, 170 million dollars are spent on podcast advertising in 2016. While that may seem like a crazy amount of money, it’s nothing compared to traditional radio. Billions of dollars are spent every year on radio and TV ads.

The point is that even though Podcasts continue to grow every year, there are still many businesses that are not taking advantage of it as an advertising medium.

For copywriters, that means there is still a massive opportunity to get in on the ground floor of podcast advertising.

Podcast Notes/Script

Not every podcaster can just turn on their mic and start recording.

While some do have that skill, most podcasters need organized notes or a script to follow. These help their podcast sound better and flow well. Like how blogs are always hiring writers, podcasts could also use writers to help come up with ideas and write episodes.

While “Podcast writer” isn’t something you will see all over your favorite job board, there is still plenty of opportunity. This is because more and more business and marketers are using podcasts as part of their content marketing strategy.

Apple estimates that there are over a quarter million different podcasts available only on iTunes. This might seem impressive, but this number doesn’t take in to account all the other podcast distributers like Stitcher and Google Play.

With so many different podcasts in so many different niches, you’re bound to find a few that could use a writer’s help.

Cold Call Script

Like sales people, cold callers don’t come up with what to say on the fly.

Cold callers have scripts. They know what they need to say to get past a gatekeeper, get a hold of a decision maker, and get the appointment.

Like any other type of sales material, cold calling scripts can be optimized. For instance, if a cold caller is having trouble booking an appointment, then you know where the script needs to be improved.

You would think that this type of writing service is pretty niche, right? Only call centers would hire you to do this type writing? Not at all!

There are many other types of businesses that would hire you to write call scripts. Web designers, car dealerships and real estate offices are just a few examples of potential clients that may need your help.

Script For Sales People

A sales person isn’t just someone that knows their product well.

Many companies have a set script that their sales person must follow. Theses scripts are meant to help the sales person make the most sales possible.

If the prospect says one thing, the sales person has a planned response. If the prospect has a certain objection, the sales person will have a planned counter argument.

The point is that no matter the situation, a sales person with a script can take the best actions to lead the prospect into becoming a buyer.

Working on a sales script can mean tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars for the copywriter depending on the company that hires them.

There are dozens of different companies that use sales people, so the need for this service is much larger than you think. It’s not just car dealerships and real estate offices either. There is a huge amount of B2B companies that use sales people to sell their services.

Radio Ad Script

Can you write a 30 to 60 second advertisement that is able to generate new leads? Then you might have a future in writing radio ads.

Due to music streaming and podcasts, no one listens to the radio anymore, right? Nope. Radio is still a massive entertainment and informational medium.

What’s great for copywriters is that the majority of radio ads are trackable direct response ads. That means companies can see how valuable your ads is over another one.

Even though many radio ads are handled by in-house writers and agencies, there are still plenty of businesses that need to hire a freelance copywriter.

Like any kind of advertising, what you can expect for pay varies. The factors largely depends on the business that is buying the ads and the reach of the radio station they are buying ad spots from.

Slideshare Slides

Slide Share is a monster of a traffic source that most businesses and marketers underestimate.

Owned by LinkedIn, Slide Share gets about 70 million visitors a month. Better yet, it has a huge B2B audience.

Ana, from Traffic Generation Café posted a case study in which she was able to go from 0 traffic to almost a quarter million visitors using Slide Share. Better yet, she did it in only 30 days.

There aren’t too many potential clients that wouldn’t be impressed by those kinds of results. They would have no problem hiring a writer to get them the same kind of traffic.

Creating slide for clients doesn’t mean you need to write brand new content. You can easily rewrite and repurpose material that they already have.

Paid Copy Critique

Do you want to get paid top dollar for your copywriting experience, but don’t have the time to do any of the actual writing? Then start offering copy critiques as a service.

With copy critiques, clients are paying for you to review their existing websites and marketing material.

The types of clients that need copy critiques can be excellent to work for. For one, they already understand that their copy needs work. They also understand that they need an outside opinion in order to correct it.

For you as a writer, these paid critiques can add to your bank account quickly. All you are doing is making suggestions and not doing any of the actual writing. If your suggestions lead to an improved conversation rate, the client will come back for another review again and again.

Paid Blog Post/Content Critiques

In recent years, it has seemed like everyone’s attention has been on content marketing.

Even though everyone is buzzing about it, most businesses have no idea how to go about doing it. The majority of businesses today have a blog. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they are using it effectively.

Most businesses don’t have a strategy in place. They have no idea what they should be blogging about, how often they should be posting, or how to build relationships with other bloggers

Each one of these businesses are a potential client for a blog/content critique service. Like a copy critique, you are getting paid to make recommendations.

About Pages

After the homepage, the about is often the second most important page.

Think about it, if someone one is clicking on your about page, they are interested in your website or business, they just need a little more information. The visitor just needs to be convinced a bit more that your website is for them.

The good news for copywriters is that there are plenty of bad about pages to be found. They are also easy to fix.

Webmasters make the classic mistake of making the focus on themselves instead of on their visitors. Either that, or they leave their about page with barely any good information to sell visitors with.


FAQs are one of the most underestimated types of web pages.

Believe it or not, a well-written FAQ page can help improve sales, improve SEO results, as well as help improve customer service. These are three benefits every business in the world would want.

FAQ pages can work well because consumers are lazy. The average person isn’t going to do their own research. If they have questions and the answers are not easily found, they are most likely going to move on to a competitor’s product or service.

Since the majority of businesses don’t understand why they need a good FAQ page, most of them don’t have one. As long as you explain all the benefits of an FAQ page to current and potential clients, you’ll have little trouble getting paid to create them.

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