Guest Post

What We’re Looking For:

  • Posts based on real-life marketing experiments, case studies, and experiences.
  • Content with NEW perspectives on old topics with evidence using your own original numbers to backup your claims
  • Actionable content readers can apply TODAY (templates, scripts, swipefiles, calculators, spreadsheets, generators…etc)
  • Detailed content on hyper-specific marketing topics (NO general stuff!)
  • Content designed for direct response marketers who want to grow their business
  • Everything must be 100% original (No republishing the same content everywhere)
  • 1,500 words MINIMUM (Preferably 2,000+)
  • Relevant screenshots, pictures, and videos

What We’re NOT Looking For:

  • NO listicles (15 ways to write higher converting emails)
  • NO basic information (How to make more sales with these 5 psychological hacks)
  • NO general content (How brick & mortar businesses can make more sales in the next 7 days)

Examples Of WINNING Guest Post Ideas:

  • Maybe you wrote a new control sales letter or landing page that doubled sales? YES!
  • Did you launch a free + s/h book funnel that sold 10,000 copies of your books? Send it over!
  • Were you able to create a funny Facebook video ad that multiplied your sales while dropping your cost per lead? Perfect!
  • What about creating a new webinar that increased sales by 20% more than the old one? Great!
  • How about building an evergreen email funnel that helped you build a 6 figure business from scratch? Awesome!
  • What if you wrote a new about page that helped you generate ten 5 figure clients in the last 90 days? Let’s hear about it!
  • Have you been able to generate $25,000 in just 1 week with a simple email campaign? Super interesting!

You don’t need huge numbers.

What you need is REAL data, case studies, and experiences.

I would rather publish a case study with small numbers than publish a post that has no numbers.

How To Submit Your Guest Post Ideas

  • Email me at
  • Use the subject line… “GUEST POST”
  • Give me 3-5 ideas along with 2-4 sentences describing what each post is about