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With every blog post being promoted to a Facebook group of over 3,500+ people, an email list of 3,000+ people, and in communities with tens of thousands of real practitioners, you can be sure that what you write here will help you get more traffic, grow your brand, and even lead to sales.

The goal for every CopyMonk post is to reinforce the fact that this is the #1 most in-depth, useful, and actionable blog on direct response copywriting.Check out the editorial guidelines for more info.

Editorial Guidelines

  1. Your post must relate to copywriting & persuasion. This includes anything related to sales copy, media buying, funnels, CRO, and email marketing, but with an emphasis on the copy. Posts about the business of freelance copywriting are also welcomed.
  2. It must be a minimum of 1,500 words. With that said, the best performing posts are all 2,000 words and up.
  3. If it needs photos, they must be original, high quality, and must be as big as possible. If it requires video, it must be shot in 720p or higher and horizontally
  4. Articles must be new, original, and never published anywhere else
  5. I expect your best, most advanced, and actionable information. If you think it would fit in well inside of Entrepreneur Magazine, don’t even bother sending it over.
  6. While you being a pro copywriter with decades of experience isn’t a requirement, real world success is. Anything you write needs to be 100% experience based and actually help readers produce real world results. Examples of this include in-depth case studies, experiments, breakdowns, and guides where you demonstrate what you’re teaching. The best blog posts are actionable, case-study like articles that show other people something you’ve done and how they can replicate your process to achieve similar results.
  7. Bonus points if you can relate your topic with martial arts or war hook.

The Payment

For every post that gets accepted AND published, you will be paid $200 through PayPal.

How To Get Started

Step #1) Email me at info@copymonk.com with the subject line “GUEST POST”
Step #2) Include a sample headline with 3-4 sentence description of your article
Step #3) Make sure to send an outline
Step #4) Give me some background on yourself